US Climate Action Summit 2023 - virtual registration

Climate Group is back and more ready than ever.

After a successful Climate Week NYC 2022, we're driving climate momentum at the US Climate Action Summit on April 19, 2023.

Join us in our mission to drive climate action. Fast.

What is the US Climate Action Summit?

Back for its third year, the US Climate Action Summit unites key leaders in business, politics and advocacy to drive US climate momentum during Earth Week.

We're hosting an intimate yet innovative program that favours participation, progress and accountability.

This is a platform to participate, not just discuss. This is a place to implement ideas, not just talk about them. We need a little less conversation and a lot more action.

We’ve designed a participant-led platform that drives measurable outcomes on climate policy and business action, with attendees at the heart of the agenda.

Watch our announcement video here.

What's the agenda format?

A series of panels and debates from a wide range of climate voices and perspectives on the biggest challenges facing US climate leadership.

These sessions will be hosted in front of a live audience with a focus on participation and open questions. Each session will be available for you to tune in virtually, open to all.

We'll be focusing on access and implementation, state-, business- and community-led leadership, and what's needed to maximize the benefits of the green economy.

You'll be able to ask questions to those on the stage and communicate with your peers within our streaming platform.

What's on the agenda?

11:00am – 12:00pm

From ‘Green’ to ‘The’: The next great economic transition  

In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law. $369 billion of financing, through new incentive-based policies to transition the green economy. And earlier, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (IIJA) became the largest ever investment in green jobs and infrastructure. What we do next to maximize and capitalize these historic investments is critical. How do we help the green economy become “the” economy?

In the opening session, we’ve invited world renowned economists and experts from US finance, policy and the labor to spotlight how these new investments will create a new economic architecture. What needs to happen immediately, and what must we avoid to guarantee long-term success?

12:45pm – 1:05pm

Innovation and Impact: Lisa Jackson on taking bold action for a greener, more equitable future

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Power in the people: How to center people in the green economy 

To succeed, the green economy needs to move beyond prioritizing emerging technology, new infrastructure and lowering emissions. It must also improve people’s lives, create new opportunities, and transition to a more equal and just economy. The green economic transition must have people and community at its heart. How do we equitably distribute new climate investments, technologies, and adaptation strategies in a way that improves livelihoods?

In our second spotlight session, we invite a wide range of stakeholders to talk about the green economy through the lens of people, access and justice

4:00pm – 5:05pm

Breaking down barriers: Turning ideas into infrastructure 

Unlocking the full potential of our new green economy will require breaking down and replacing the historic systems and processes that have been holding us back. This will require innovation and revolutionizing how we do things. We need new, pioneering tools and policy levers that can maximize this opportunity. What are these new tools and what is the best way to use them to boost the green transition?

In our third session we’re inviting leaders who are charged with making the green economy a reality. We’re asking them, what’s stopping you from turning ideas into implementation. And asking how, and who, they need to come on board to get it done. 

5:05pm – 5:30pm

Closing session: What matters now

What’s the secret to making real progress on climate? We will take you through the actions we can take to make change starting tomorrow. We will bring together the lessons of experienced leaders and deal makers to explain how each of us can move the dial on climate action. In this closing session, we’ll dissect the art of making a climate deal. 

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Please note: in-person attendance is strictly by invitation only.

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