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09:00 - 17:30 SGT

Climate Group is coming to Asia!

We’re building on the momentum of Climate Week NYC 2022 and helping power the green industrial revolution on 8th June in Singapore. For the first time, we’re bringing our action summit series to Asia as part of our global roadmap to Climate Week NYC.

We’re convening our powerful networks in the fastest growing economic region on earth to ask: how can Asia become the green economic powerhouse of the future?

We’ll be focusing on two of the region’s biggest decarbonisation opportunities: the industrial and clean energy transitions.  

We're uniting regional leaders from across our Under2 coalition and business members affiliated with our renewable energy and green steel initiatives. They'll meaningfully engage on challenges, discuss opportunities for collaboration and identify the pathways for bolder climate action in the Industry and Energy systems.

Join us virtually in our mission to drive climate action. Fast.


What's the agenda format?

Our morning programme is split into two simultaneous streams: the SteelZero Summit and the Green Energy Forum.

Our afternoon programme consists of a series of Spotlight Sessions.

View the agendas below.

SteelZero Summit - 09:00 - 13:10 SGT

09:00 - 09:05

Welcoming address

  • Jen Carson, Head of Industry, Climate Group
09:05 - 09:20

Keynote speeches

  • Helen Clarkson, CEO, Climate Group
  • His Excellency Key Young Kim, Vice Governor of Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea, Representing the Asia-Pacific Co-chair of the Under2 Coalition 
09:20 - 09:35

Signing ceremony

Join us for a special moment as we recognise and celebrate the leadership of our first ever Asia-based SteelZero member. This signing ceremony marks their commitment to driving the transition towards a responsible steel industry and is a significant milestone for SteelZero as we expand our work into the Asia-Pacific region. 

  • Yuming Hui, Executive Director, China, Climate Group
  • Liu Bin, Director and General Manager, CIMC TCREA
09:35 - 10:25

Making the market: Asia-Pacific’s role in global steel decarbonisation

The Asia-Pacific region plays a pivotal role in the global steel market as a major producer and consumer. In this engaging panel discussion, we’ll delve into how the Asia-Pacific market can spearhead the net zero transition of steel on a global scale.

From iron ore production to end users of steel, every link in the value chain holds the power to drive meaningful progress. Join us as we explore strategies, collaborations, and innovative approaches that can shape the future of sustainable steel. 

  • Pascal Langeais, Head of APAC Procurement & Supply Chain, Ørsted
  • Liu Bin, Director and General Manager, CIMC TCREA
  • Assyl Ikhsan, Executive Director, Transition Finance, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Peta Olesen, Director, Net Zero Innovation, International Climate and Energy Division, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, Australian Government
  • Brian Voldsgaard, Head of Ocean Asset Partnerships, Asset Strategy & Strategic Partners, A.P. Møller – Mærsk 
10:25 - 10:55

Getting to zero: the path ahead for steel

Step into the world of steel decarbonisation as our technical and market experts come together to share their invaluable insights. Explore the immense opportunities and intricate challenges involved in the journey towards decarbonising steel, with a special focus on the crucial global transition to renewable energy sources, including the transformative potential of hydrogen.

From breakthrough technologies to market trends and policy developments, this session will provide a comprehensive view of the state of play and the path ahead for steel decarbonisation. 

  • Divya Sharma, Executive Director, India, Climate Group 
  • Ian Hiscock, Head of Consulting, China and SE Asia, CRU
  • Siddhartha Shrivastava, Head of New Energies & Resources Asia, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Modini Yantrapati, Senior Energy Storage Consultant, APAC, DNV
11:30 - 12:00

Supply chain collaboration: buyers, makers, and standards 

Join us for a thought-provoking fireside chat with ResponsibleSteel and SKF, the world's largest bearings manufacturer, where we’ll delve into the critical role of supply chain relationships in fostering sustainability.

Explore how the decisions of steel buyers, coupled with robust certification and standards for steelmakers, can pave the way towards a zero-carbon future for the steel industry. 

  • Allen Tom Abraham, Senior Analyst, Southeast Asia, BloombergNEF
  • Annie Heaton, CEO, ResponsibleSteel
  • Cearo Wang, Head of EHS and Net Zero, China and North East Asia, SKF
12:00 - 13:00

Progress points: showcasing SteelZero members’ achievements and ambitions

SteelZero members take the stage to present their remarkable achievements and ambitious projects. Through a series of dynamic quickfire case study presentations, you'll witness first-hand the transformative projects driving demand for responsibly produced steel.

Following the presentations, directly engage with the speakers as part of a Q&A session where you can delve deeper into their experiences and insights. 

  • Maximilian Schnippering, Head of Sustainability, Siemens Gamesa
  • Joelle Chen, Head of Sustainability, Asia, Lendlease
  • Fredrik Boman, Senior Director, Body and Chassis R&D, APAC, Volvo Cars
13:00 - 13:10

Closing speech

  • Jen Carson, Head of Industry, Climate Group


Green Energy Forum - 09:00 - 13:10 SGT

09:00 - 09:05 Welcoming address
09:05 - 10:05

Pure business sense

A series of quickfire case study presentations showcasing RE100 organisations from across Asia as they make the business case for integrating renewables into their operations.

They’ll be showing us what this looks like in real terms, what the costs and challenges involved were and how this is affecting their bottom line, both current and projected.

  • Shan Shan Guo, Chief Brand Officer, Delta Electronics
  • Mathsy Kutty, APAC leader, The Climate Pledge, Amazon
  • Sophia Cheng, Chief Investment Officer, Cathay Financial Holdings
  • Angela Treanor, Head of APAC Revenue and Origination, Ørsted
10:05 - 10:55

The green hydrogen solution

A panel discussion focusing on green hydrogen development progress from key regions we work in.

We’ll be looking at the different standards for green hydrogen applications and what can be done to accelerate rollout. We'll address the misconceptions and ‘silver bullet’ thinking around which areas this important transition fuel can be effectively deployed.

  • Sharan Burrow, Former General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation
  • Rahul Kitchlu, Practice Manager, Climate Change Group, The World Bank
  • Benedict Chia, Director (Strategic Issues), National Climate Change Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore
11:30 - 12:20

Innovation equals acceleration

A panel discussion exploring the integration of innovative energy efficiency technologies into the low carbon energy transition across SE Asia.

We’ll hear from the organisations that are leading the way. We'll be asking them what more needs to be done to ensure this becomes a policy priority for business and government.

  • Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer, City Developments Limited (CDL)
  • Anna Biswas, Managing Director, India, Forum for the Future
  • Susumu Yoneoka, Senior Manager (Head of Energy Planning), Technology Planning Department
12:20 - 13:00

India G20 presidency in focus

A discussion looking at what India’s G20 presidency means for energy transition across the region.

We’ll be digging down into major energy related policies being pursued by the G20 presidency. We'll hear from those that are helping shape the agenda and looking ahead to what we can expect from the G20 in September.

  • Amitabh Kant, India G20 Sherpa, Government of India 
  • Dr Arunabha Ghosh, Founder and CEO, Council on Energy, Environment and Water
  • Roshni Sen, Principal Secretary, Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal
  • Namita Vikas, Founder and Managing Director, auctusESG LLP
13:00 - 13:10

Closing speech

  • Sam Kimmins, Director of Energy, Climate Group 


Spotlight Sessions - 14:15 - 17:30 SGT

The afternoon programme consists of three high-profile plenary discussions, focused on different approaches to decarbonising energy and heavy industry in Asia. We’ll welcome expert speakers from the business, policy and civil society spheres to identify the opportunities as well as the challenges.

14:15 - 15:20

Cutting through on policy

While renewable energy supply has almost doubled in Southeast Asia since 2000, fossil fuels - predominantly coal - have continued to account for the largest share of the region’s energy supply. 

With climate ambition firmly in place, a unified framework on renewables and clean energy procurement is now needed to fuel the emergence of a world leading green industrial economy in the region. 

In this session we will be exploring ways to accelerate meaningful industrial policy around climate and look at the impact the Asia G20 presidencies are having on pushing for more joined up thinking in this space.

  • Benedict Chia, Director (Strategic Issues), National Climate Change Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore
  • Helen Clarkson, CEO, Climate Group
  • Dr Arunabha Ghosh, Founder and CEO, Council on Energy, Environment and Water
  • Ken Haig, Head of Energy and Environmental Policy Asia-Pacific, Amazon Web Services
  • Peta Olesen, Director, Net Zero Innovation, International Climate and Energy Division, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, Australian Government
  • Yaxi Han, Principal, Jiangsu CID Operation Management Co., Ltd.
15:20 - 16:00

All aboard for a just transition

We have to consider the environmental, infrastructural, economic, and social implications of largescale energy transitions. How do we balance the new energy economy that must be built (e.g. renewables, grid systems, hydrogen transportation, shipping, etc) with the needs of those whose livelihoods will be most impacted by the green energy transition? 

In this session we’ll be asking our panel to draw on their experiences from across the region to propose solutions to this important question.

  • Divya Sharma, Executive Director, India, Climate Group 
  • Joojin Kim, Founder and CEO, Solutions for Our Climate 
  • Sharan Burrow, Former General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation
  • Nick Smith, Executive Director, Growth & Low Carbon, South Australian Department for Energy and Mining
16:30 - 17:20

What’s next?

Meaningful outcomes from major international gatherings are vital to maintaining global confidence in leadership’s ability to address climate change. With increasing pressure on world leaders to take bold action, discussion must centre around collaboration, innovation, and investment towards solutions that can be implemented swiftly and effectively. 

We look ahead to major global moments on the climate calendar and ask what successful outcomes from these events look like in the climate decade.

  • Dr Steve Howard, Vice Chair Sustainability, Temasek
  • Helen Clarkson, CEO, Climate Group
  • Ivy Kuo, PwC Asia Pacific ESG Leader, PwC China
  • Marat Zapparov, CEO, Pentagreen Capital
17:20 - 17:30

Closing remarks

  • Helen Clarkson, CEO, Climate Group


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